Stellaplast concrete protection system

Special plastics for facility construction and renovation, no waiting times, immediately ready for use

Our Stellaplast concrete protection system is based on bondable plastics, which are anchored mechanically into the sub-floor. It can be fitted immediately, provided the sub-base has the required structural strength. The major advantage of Stellaplast over conventional constructions is that it eliminates waiting times for drying the sub-base, preparation and material hardening. The Stellaplast construction can therefore be used straightaway.

Another of Stellaplast's special features: with its assemblies and individual components, it can be used either as a completely new lining system or as a means to renovate your production facilities.

For a lining system, we fit the Stellaplast in prefabricated components as hidden boarding, which is then embedded in concrete. Following removal, the connection joints and fixing holes are then tightly welded. Through our precise planning and factory prefabrication, we can ensure that your project will be handled swiftly and smoothly.

If you wish to renovate old facilities, we simply fit the Stellaplast system over the old lining using our special installation method.