DSB Säurebau GmbH
The Corrosion Engineering Company

DSB Säurebau GmbH offers effective answers to any industrial corrosion protection problem. Our comlpete range of materials, components and systems provides protection against acids, alkalis and other aggressive media under elevated temperatures and pressures in particular.

Our product range includes the following:

  • Acid-proof ceramic floor coverings and vessel brick linings
  • Coating systems meeting German water management regulations, § 19
  • Synthetic resin-based coatings for floors and vessels
  • Refractory linings, reconstruction of sewage and concrete systems
  • Columns made of PTFE-lined steel, process equipment made of exotic metals
  • Process equipment, vessels and pipework systems made of thermoplastics and glass fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) with or without thermoplastic liner, or fiber-reinforced phenolic resin thermosets
  • On-site and workshop rubber linings
  • Coatings for absorbers, gas ducts, secondary containments and collecting basins
  • Kitchenfloors